Young Rising Stars – The Story

‘YOU CAN DO IT!’ were the last cries from the opposing team before the triumphant sounds of victory raised in the air from the bleachers of the host team. YOUNG RISING STARS (YRS) had won yet another match and this time against LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences), who are a big name in their domain.

These young kids had achieved so much in so little time, eradicating any doubts on their dedication and skills. The Young Rising Stars is a female football club in Pakistan, representing Rawalpindi. It is an Amercian Embassy sponsored football club. The age group for the club members is 12-18 years. The founding member and president, Mr Ghias-ud-Din Baloch, marks February 2007 as the birth of the young club.

In the beginning 90 girls from 30 different schools (private and government) came to audition for the club. None of them, the president reports, knew how to kick a ball in a straight line. Out of the total, 36 girls were selected and grouped for the Young Rising Stars Female Football Club, Rawalpindi.

Every year in August, Pakistan National Championship is held. Ghias-ud-Din Baloch signed his club for the tournament, fully aware of the fact that they had less than 4 months to train the girls. The reason being: all the girls were regular students. May/June is the session for exams here in Pakistan. And so, majority started disappearing from the practices by the end of March. They regained composure by July and started training with full vigor and dedication. Here, I have to acknowledge the teams’ senior coach, Mr Shahid Khan and assistant coach, Mr Ghulam Murtaza.

The senior coach has a set of victories ufabet เข้าสู่ระบบเว็บตรง to his name. He was an acknowledged footballer in his time. He started the journey of formal playing in 1972 and played till 1987 in the Nationals. In 1989, he decided to travel on the road to coaching and a wise decision it was, since he had experienced enough to start training others. Now, he is a celebrated coach of football.

The assistant coach, Mr Murtaza, has played in junior nationals, representing Punjab. He has coaching license for all of Asia.

The young players, trained by the best in the field, entered the battleground, with full confidence. Unfortunately, their 4 months of beginner training was not matched by the 3-4 years knowledge holding teams. Everyone was heartbroken, specially the team president. He decided to take the whole experience positively. The girls rejoiced, for they had been given a chance to work with the best teams like WAPDA, DIYA, SPORTS SCIENCES and an international team AFGHANISTAN.

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